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New Product! PVC Garden Braided Hose Solid Mangueplast

Mangueplast once again innovates with a great option for you to take care of your garden, with the launch of the Solid Braided Garden Hose!

Manufactured with the most advanced technology in flexible PVC and reinforced with polyester threads, this hose offers resistance and durability.

Recommended for domestic use or in places that require a higher water flow and pressure resistance, it is a hose designed to exceed expectations.

✅ Developed to have pressure resistance;

✅ Anti-torsion system: Say goodbye to knots and twists, hose always free and ready for use.

✅ Built to last, this hose is resistant to impacts and deterioration caused by solar rays, ensuring a prolonged lifespan.

✅ Triple layer of PVC: Offers not only resistance but also flexibility, facilitating handling and storage.

Trust and quality that only Mangueplast can offer.

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