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Fale Conosco Mangueplast



About Mangueplast

Mangueplast is a dynamic company, in search of offering practical and innovative solutions forcustomers.

Founded in July 12th 2006, located in Barão, mountain region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, the company has been in the forefront of the national thermoplastic market for providing high quality products at competitive prices.

With an industrial park of 9.000m2, it has production capacity to meet the most varied market demands with last generation equipment and highly trained professionals.

Due to its location around big urban centers as Caxias do Sul and Porto Alegre, the company provides fast and efficient delivery, one of its biggest differentials.

Over time, it has been extending its product portfolio offering solution making the company a benchmark in the market of hoses for Household and Garden, Civil Construction, Farming and Industrial Technician. Know our products and welcome to Mangueplast.


  • Commit to high quality, durability, and reliability of products. Let's always exceed expectations.

  • Build long-term relationships. The basic premises are honesty, transparency, communication, and support.

  • Invest in the growth and development of people. Create training opportunities and a trusting environment.

  • Care for organization at work, building a safe, efficient, and productive environment for all.

  • Generate conscious profit. Win-win partnerships that consider both economic success and long-term social and environmental impact.

  • Adopt sustainable practices to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.


Create relationships with gains for everyone, through innovation and continuous development.


Produce the best hoses, with production standards, in an organized and innovative environment, creating growth opportunities for our entire chain.


To be a market leader and continue expanding abroad.
To be recognized as the best option in hoses: A reference in quality, production standards, fair pricing, and people empowerment.


Quality Policy:

Mangueplast seeks continuous improvement in its Production Processes and Quality Management System, aiming at the satisfaction of its Customers, as well as relevant stakeholders, complying with applicable legal requirements, ensuring quality products within defined specifications.

ISO 9001 Certification Scope:

Development, Manufacturing, and Marketing of Garden Pipes and Hoses, as well as Marketing of Accessories for Applications in Home and Garden, Construction, Agriculture, Industrial Technical, and General Use.

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