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Braided Garden Hose
Premium System

Mangueplast Ind. de Mangueiras

Aplicação Mangueira Mangueplast


Indicated for domestic use or in places that demand large water flow and pressure resistance.

Caracteristicas Mangueira Mangueplast

Product Features:

Stands out for printed meter-by-meter tags, allowing more agility in sales at hardware stores.

- Known for its great resistance with polyester 550 thread, granting a longer service life.
- 100% virgin prime material
- Greater flexibility and pressure resistance
- Anti-torsion system
- Bend-proof, unbreakable, kink free.
- Outer layer in crystal siliconized PVC.
- Incomparable shine
- UV resistant
- Triple PVC layer and braided polyester threads.

Cor Mangueira Mangueplast




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